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The Doodles!

(Rob’s doodlage of James Toney’s Excellent MMA adventure)

Here’s a batch of doodles made by jackals for the Century MMA doodle contest! Y’all have until Friday midnight to submit your own and get a chance of winning one of three prize packs from Century MMA consisting of a shirt, fight shorts, and a hat. We’ll also have two special consolation prize knitted caps to give out as well.

Submit your doodles in the comments section here or via email! And don’t forget that Century MMA is also giving jackals five bucks off whatever they buy at their store with the code LINKER, like this Judo Gene LeBell Grappling series or this baby blue LIDDELL shirt.

More entries after the jump!

(iampheonix also adds to the Toney doodlage, this time with more care taken to capture his bountiful breasts)

(Rob captures Rampage’s surprise after he decisioned Machida)

(Reverend Clint’s recreation of this Strikeforce classic is stunningly accurate)

(Adam Tool shares his Matt Serra blow up doll)

(Nathan’s tribute to the Octogirls)

(greenseed’s Silva vs Sonnen. I think.)

(Struve vs Nelson by Clint. Nelson’s belly ain’t big enough)