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The Dongster says 90% of UFC fighters are juicing

(“Smells like genitals”)

Dong Hyun Kim is at it again, speaking truth to power or trying to get himself fired depending on your point of view. He’s already stood up and complained about how little his fellow Korean fighters are paid by the UFC – a selfless act since he admits he’s paid quite well – and now he’s saying steroid use in the UFC is almost universal:

“While a lot of people believe doping tests work, just like a breathalyzer test you can get away with it by just controlling timing. Most of the steroids user just cycle and get by the tests. It’s almost like other athletes look down on you as an idiot if you don’t do steroids. It’s like non-users are bicyclists while steroid users are racing with motorcycles. But I am one of those ‘idiots’ that don’t use performance enhancers. I would say 90% of UFC fighters use performance enhancers.”

Dong isn’t the first fighter to throw out a completely unsubstantiated number on PED use in the UFC. Let’s go over various other peoples’ guesstimates:

  • Dong Hyun Kim: 90%
  • Krzysztof Soszynski: 85% – 95%
  • Cheick Kongo: 50% if not more
  • Dennis Hallman: At least 50%
  • Roy Nelson: 60% – 70%
  • Nick Diaz: 100% (minus, uh, himself and his brother and the rest of the Skrap Pack, right?)
  • Mac Danzig: 60% actively using, 85% – 95% have used at one point or another
  • Tom Lawlor: Over 50%
  • Victor Conte: 50%

So across the board there isn’t one person who thinks it’s less than half the athletes in the UFC using performance enhancing drugs, and many of them think it’s practically universal. That’s pretty terrible, but let’s not forget that you’ve probably got numbers on the wrong side of 50% across most other professional sports. We just happen to care enough about the problem to actually discuss it.