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The divorce drama meter is pretty low

Up until this point, most people have taken a pretty hands off approach to covering the end of Randy and Kim Couture’s marriage. But now that the divorce has become a speculative factor in Randy’s fight with Big Nog, I guess that makes the topic fair game. Here’s Randy talking about Kim and he doesn’t really sound all that distraught about the situation, just kinda annoyed that she’s acting in interviews like everything is all smiles and rainbows when the two aren’t really interacting anymore:

“Friday before she did that interview [with AOL Fanhouse’s Ariel Helwani] was the first time we had spoke to each other in quite some time. For her to just flip the switch and think everything’s okay, was kind of interesting to me.”

Kim also suggested that Randy would be cornering her fights in the future. It didn’t sound like that’s the plan from Randy’s side:

“I think being separate and keeping things separate is what needs to happen. What she does with her career moving forward, is kind of up to her. I don’t now that I’ll be playing any part in that. Just a little over a week ago we weren’t even on very good speaking terms. It’s kind of premature for her to make a statement like that.”

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like Kim is just being cheery to keep the drama from building up while Randy is being a bit of a sourpuss. But maybe that’s just what happens when you hear from your soon to be ex-wife that you might be cornering her again. Still, I’m sure it was a harmless comment by Kim and not the start of some ploy to Yoko her way back into Randy’s life. OR WAS IT???