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The Death of ProElite, act II

Is it safe to say that ProElite’s death has now turned into a complete clusterfuck? I haven’t been to a funeral this fucked up since drunk Uncle Des tipped over his wife’s coffin and sent her corpse rolling into the front row. You’ve got ProElite crying “I’m not dead yet!”, Showtime trying to claim and pawn off everything of value, and the fighters (on the auction block themselves) going “What … the … fuck!”

Our vote for most sexable MMA reporter, Loretta Hunt, has a good update on the whole situation with quotes from several of the people involved:

“To see us on sale online is ridiculous,” said Shields. “We already sent them a breach of contract letter. They don’t respond to that. Instead they put this up. It’s just completely ridiculous how they’re handling this situation and completely unprofessional. They should be in contact with us fighters and letting us know what’s going on instead of just putting things online and not responding to our faxes, emails, and phone calls.”

No word yet from the fine people at ProElite or Showtime, who have probably decided that what they’re doing is about as defendable in the court of public opinion as incest or hitting puppies with beer bottles, so why bother trying?