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The Day in Pictures

The meeting of the Miguels: Miguel Torres and Miguel Cotto get set up on a training date by their mutual sponsor Ecko. Read all about it at MMA Fanhouse. More news stories in easily digestible picture form after the jump. And do tell me what you think of this new kind of post. If everyone seems to like them, I’ll try not to let them trail off after a week or two.

BJ Penn might have spent the last 9 months pissing everyone in the REAL America off, but those Hawaiians still seem to like him: the mayor of the island or whatever just declared it BJ Penn Day.

Sakuraba says pass on New Years Eve. If you saw his fight last weekend you’d understand what’s up with the sunglasses.

Yeah, I’m glad we got some new celebrities at UFC 104 … the standard Paul Blart, Joe Dirt, and Red Hot Chilli Pepper gang were just getting old. Ashton Kutcher, Demi More, Janet Jackson and show that MMA’s star factor is continuing to rise.

The Fight Nerd interviews Jeremy Couball, the biggest collector of MMA shit on earth. I still wanna know who the fuck he had to blow to get his hands on the entire ring canvas from one of the UFC events.

Arianny meets up for a work out with former UFC ring girl Ali Sonoma, who’s starting to look like she could beat me up.