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The Dana Strikes Back

Dana White had a conversation with USA Today’s Sergio Non, and in addition to reiterating the fact that no one comes over from Strikeforce til their contracts are done he also addressed the Zuffa shitlist that went into effect at Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley. At the risk of USA Today trying to extort me for fair use quotes of their stuff, here’s some excerpts:

They could buy a ticket. Listen — and credentials? I don’t have to credential anybody. Credentials aren’t mandatory. Credentials are at our discretion on who we want to credential.

It doesn’t stop them from covering the event at all. She could have absolutely flown out, got a ticket to the fight and covered the event, and then gone back to the host hotel and interviewed every fighter on Earth. There’s no way that she couldn’t have covered it. And same thing with Josh or whoever else who’s part of that thing.


It’s one thing if you give your opinion and your opinion is accurate and based on fact, which makes you a real journalist, but you have to understand a lot of these people … I’ve never had any dealings with you where you’ve act(ed) unprofessional and where you’ve done things, as far as media goes, were bush league. Both of them have.

Both of them have, and have numerous times. It goes way back to the days before this stuff was even covered by USA TODAY or any of the other majors. It was back in the bush-league days, and these guys did some stuff that was dirty — dirty, dirty, dirty — and very unprofessional.


I don’t give a (crap). I don’t give a (crap) what anybody thinks. I don’t care. I can decide who gets a credential and who doesn’t. ESPN should be more careful about who they hire.


Your opinion tomorrow in USA TODAY could be, “I can’t stand this guy; he’s a moron; he’s an idiot; he’s this and he’s that.” That’s your opinion. You can think whatever you want of me.

But if you went out and started writing stuff about my company that was untrue; and that you didn’t do your homework and was absolutely wrong? Then yes, I would have a very big problem with you.

To sum: yeah, he bans reporters he disagrees with. And if he disagrees with what you write, you could be next. And if the outlet you write for doesn’t like it, perhaps they should replace you.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Good thing we have subo here or fightlinker would never get credentials… oh wait

  • frickshun says:

    Dana is an absolute jerk & I LOVE IT!!

  • Symbul says:

    You can totally report whatever you can back up unless Dana says it’s wrong. Then it’s row 42 with Greg Savage.

    He’s completely right about Loretta though. Sherdog hasn’t had credentials for years and they’re not missing stuff in their coverage. They don’t get quite the same interviews as Ariel but they get stuff done.

  • unclefesterdanawhite says:

    It’s hard for me to be objective about Loretta because I’d like to give it to her doggy style and then make her swallow my load. As for Josh Gross, he’s a good journalist. Dana is just pissy about him not towing the Zuffa line. Though Josh Gross is warming up to Dana lately. Maybe if he all-out fellates Dana like Kevin Iole, he’ll get his credential back.

  • andherewego says:

    You have to give credit to Loretta for one thing: No one in the MMA media does a better job of making themselves the center of the story. I can’t recall ever clicking on a blog anywhere and seeing a post pointing to a great piece of journalism Loretta produced, even with her working for every outlet on earth short of the Springfield Shopper at one point or another. But she’s always in the middle of a controversy somehow.

  • Grappo says:

    ^ She’s like subo, but with (bigger) tits, respect from her peers, and a paying job in journalism.

  • Take It Easy says:

    hunt’s peers give blowjobs for twenty bucks