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The Daily Grind : Random thoughts about general news

Here’s a little heads up on everything going on in MMA not important enough to get it’s own post on my oh so exclusive website. I’m gone for the weekend having sex with many beautiful women, but we’ll be back on Monday with a ton of shit regarding the 5 bajillion events that are happening. Have a happy fight weekend and try not to burn anything down, okay?

Sokoudjou signs with EliteXC
There’s no denying this dude’s got heavy hands, but is his chocolate smooth style worth 30k/30k per fight? I think it’s a bit early to tell, and the UFC apparently agrees. EliteXC seems more than happy to shell out the dough to develop “The African Assassin”, so lets hope this deal makes everyone happy.

Shogun to Fight at UFC76
Well, I guess that blows the rumor out of the water that Shogun wasn’t signed. No word yet on who gets Shogun’s first fight in the UFC. The smart fan (ie me) wants Babalu because he was the last guy to really beat Shogun. The moron (ie UFC matchmaker Joe Silva) will probably book someone like Keith Jardine or Elvis Sinosic against him.

Fedor close to signing
Yeah right, and UFC on HBO is right around the fucking corner.

Michael Bisping gonna fight Matt Hamill for sure
This is sad news for everyone that wanted to see Ken Shamrock get his ass whupped again. On the bright side though, I haven’t seen a deaf kid get the shit kicked out of him since the 5th grade.

Shifty shit going down in Japan regarding Pride
Apparently people in Japan know even less about what’s happening with PRIDE than we do. From his coconut tree high above our heads, Zach Arnold breaks down the confusion into throwable chunks of poop and tosses it our way.

EliteXC teams up with Mark Burnett
Mark Burnett is the evil entity responsible for Survivor, and therefore is the grandaddy of reality television. If this collaboration actually goes through it could mean big things for EliteXC and MMA in general. Of course, Mark is a busy motherfucker, so there’s an equal chance this thing never gets further than a few 100$ lunches at some posh salad joint.

Josh Barnett getting cozy with the UFC
Well, this ends the speculation that Josh hates UFC and UFC hates Josh. While nothing is confirmed as of yet, I see this interview as the first step towards the Baby Faced Assassin returning to the Octagon and smashing Randy Couture’s face in (hopefully without the help of Vitamin S this time).

Nick Diaz trash talks the UFC
Someone should send a memo to Nick Diaz telling him the UFC owns PRIDE now and is therefore his de facto boss. Of course I’m sure Nick would have just used the memo for rolling paper anyways. Nick is actually signed to both PRIDE and EliteXC, so it will be interesting to see where he ends up. I’d say this kinda talk means he’s leaning towards EliteXC, but we all saw what happened to Brandon Vera when he tried to escape.

TUF Fighter Moms post on the internets?
I have my doubts about the veracity of these posts from a few TUF member’s moms, but it’s an entertaining read if you’ve got ten minutes to waste. And lets admit it … if you’re on this site, you obviously do.

Kimbo is getting PAID, son!
A 50K guarantee ain’t too shabby for a guy who’s best KO was against some dude named Astro Puff.