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The CSAC is putting out smokers


In what looks like the continuation of a disturbing trend across the US, the California State Athletic Commission has started to come down on ‘smoker’ events, which are glorified sparring matches to give gym members experience. Here is the full letter Tribull MMA in San Jose just got regarding his limited contact smoker – half the matches were 16 oz gloves and headgear while all small glove fights were no strikes to the head.

Of course, you all remember that Din Thomas over in Florida got thrown in the clink and had FEDERAL charges put against him over a similar kind of event.

It doesn’t exactly take a brain surgeon to understand the difference between events like this and REAL mixed martial arts events. Perhaps if the CSAC had a way to differentiate and regulate smokers as amateur MMA, all of these issues could be solved. Unfortunately, the CSAC has basically said it’ll take them TWO YEARS to set up the framework for amateur MMA to occur.

As it stands, if you’re an MMA gym in California (and god knows, there’s more MMA schools there than Chinese convenience stores), you better watch out: the CSAC is coming after your smoker.

  • intenso says:

    Somehow, the fucking Republicans are responsible for this.
    /continued from previous

  • igorpunck says:

    i thought amateur mma was legal in states where professional mma is sanctioned.

  • intenso says:

    so did I. On Sports Time Ohio they show a lot of Ohio Fight Fest and half the fights are amateur matches…

  • my general understanding is unless there’s a distinction in the lawbook, it’s either pro or no

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    If the CSAC says they’ll get something done in two years, that probably means it will get done in twelve.

  • marshal says:

    Cracking down on deadly pot smokers, bout time. When Din Thomas was busted I couldn’t believe I ever considered him a friend. Fucking convicts!

  • monkeypunch101 says:

    to marshal: Please tell me your joking around. The smokers that this article is about are amatuer fights. The douchebags at the CSAC are shutting them down because there’s no amatuer MMA commision in California.

  • andres says:

    Ima student at tribull and I was hoping to knock the fuck out of someone at one of these smokers so..

    its bullshit we all know about mister pussie girl”arnold” semi contact classic he holds in la

    Wats that yes he’s breaking the law son

    So I was thinkin just have fighters fight one another and record it saying sparring but have ppl come see them like scouts ya know sounds good imma fuckin genius I hella can’t spell