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The Crow returns to the UFC

It looks like UFC 87 in Montreal is starting to take shape, and while we’re still holding our breath waiting to see if the headlining fight will be awesome, shitty, or super shitty deluxe, we now have another potential fight on the card: David ‘the Crow’ L’Oiseau vs Ed ‘Filthy Ginger’ Herman.

The rumor mill was implying a few months back that if L’Oiseau won his last fight against TUF washout Solomon Hutcherson, he’d be welcomed back into the UFC. And while the Crow did win, it was via a Hail Mary punch after three unimpressive rounds of getting thumped on. So suffice to say, all bets were off. Still, I’m glad to hear he’s getting another shot at the big time, and against an opponent that he should be able to beat if he’s in ‘old Crow’ form.

Jeez, how many times is that going to be the narrative going into a fight? Old Crow vs new Crow, old Gomi vs new Gomi. I guess it just goes to show how competitive MMA is nowadays … if you don’t bring your A game for a fight, you’re going to lose. It’s that simple.