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The Crow might be coming back to the UFC

(David L’Oiseau comes to ‘see’ Rich Franklin at the hospital after their fight)

This weekend there’s an MMA show in Montreal called XMMA which might have some decent repercussions for a smaller show. Fighting in the main event is David “The Crow” L’Oiseau, who was once the fighting pride and joy of Canada before GSP took that mantle. After that the Crow kinda stumbled, dropping out of the UFC and EliteXC. He’s now 3-1 in 2008, with the only loss being to fellow canuck Jason Day. The word was if L’Oiseau had won that fight it would have seen him returning to the Octagon. But Day earned a controversial split decision, and it was he who received the call from the big show instead.

Now David’s got another chance to get back into the UFC. According to his manager Steve Claveau, the UFC will offer him a contract if he takes out Solomon Hutcherson this Saturday. If that name is ringing vague bells in your head, it’s because Solomon was one of the lesser known dudes on the 3rd season of TUF, getting the boot after losing to Gay Rory Singer on the show and then Luigi Fioravanti on the finale.

(thanks Olivier for the heads up on this news … see you on Saturday!)