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The case for Lyoto winning


I feel like I’ve done a bit of a disservice to all the readers out there who feel Lyoto Machida won that fight against Quinton Jackson. Hey, a personal MMA blog is gonna have my personal opinions, and in my opinion Lyoto Machida is a douchenozzle who should never win anything ever. But just so you don’t feel too disconnected with dissenting opinions, here’s Anderson Silva (via the above video, which has captions):

“There’s no way, Lyoto won the fight man. He came closer to finishing the fight. Shit, Quinton didn’t even touch him. It’s tough, it’s tough. Lyoto was much better. The fight was tough but Lyoto was much better. He connected with strikes that almost got Quinton get knocked out. So it’s like that … we don’t know what kind of criteria the judges are using the score the fights. Unfortunately, it’s American territory, American soil, he fought an American, and he didn’t knock him out. The rules remain the same. Unfortunately you have to get the KO, especially when you fight in the manner that Lyoto fights which is a game of countering, of walking backwards. Quinton didn’t offer any danger whatsoever. It’s quite the opposite, right?”

Yes, Lyoto Machida’s style of fighting means he NEVER wins decisions. Between that and the fact that America is as corrupt as Japan when it comes to judging foreigners, it’s no big surprise that Lyoto Machida got screwed out of winning the fight!

Lyoto’s manager Ed Soares adds to the discussion:

“I watched the fight wanting to see Quinton win,” Soares said. “I don’t want to sit here saying, ‘Oh, it’s bad judging.’ I wanted to see what Quinton did to win that. In the first round, I think Lyoto did enough to win that first round. People will say, ‘Oh, but he wasn’t aggressive.’ But that’s Lyoto’s style. And they’ll say, ‘octagon control.’ That depends on how you look at it. At the end of the day, Lyoto was doing what he wanted to do to put Rampage where he wanted him. He had Rampage chasing him and that’s what Lyoto likes, is to find those openings.”

So the fact that Lyoto’s style isn’t aggressive means that we shouldn’t count aggression against him, and the fact that Quinton was cutting off the cage shows that Lyoto was leading him around at will. Wow, that Lyoto. He’s amazing. Even when it looks like his style isn’t working for two out of the three rounds, it still is. Just because that’s how he fights, stupid.

  • agentsmith says:

    The giant obvious problem with their bullshit logic is that Lyoto’s already won plenty of decisions in the UFC by backing up, being elusive, and countering and jumping in to land shots and jumping back out. The only thing that was different this time around was that he wasn’t actually countering… he was being elusive like always, but then not actually doing anything.

    Going into this fight, I thought it was basically going to be a repeat of Machida’s fight with Thiago Silva… he’d just make Rampage chase him, then leap in and smoke him. Except it wasn’t like that this time. You didn’t get the feeling that he was drawing his opponent into his trap. Rampage was chasing him, but Rampage actually caught him and then landed the better strikes, while Machida did literally almost nothing for the first two rounds.

    Machida screwed himself out of that fight by being too chickenshit to actually pull the trigger, until the third round when he knew he was losing. But it’s not like that’s unusual for a guy coming off his very first KO loss.

  • Jim says:

    In the first two rounds Quinton was aggressive, but it wasn’t really “effective aggression”. But then as you said Lyoto wasn’t aggressive period. So maybe Quinton get’s “effective aggression” by default. IMO the first two rounds where so close neither fighter had grounds to complain if the fight when against them.

  • Tanhauser says:

    I think it’s funny that everybody is ignoring his big leg shots to the body and legs in round 1.

    But shit their pants when Shogun was “robbed” because leg kicks didn’t count enough.

    Lyoto had the most significant strikes in round 1. Significant striking and grappling is considered first. Hence he won round 1 and the fight.

  • RaginAsian says:

    Some people like to fight off their backs too, but if they aren’t going for submissions, it doesn’t mean shit.

    Lyoto landed maybe two okay leg kicks. The others were foot slaps. The body kicks were better than the legs. Rampage chased him down with punches, threw body shots and knees in the clinch, and threw several big combinations on the break. Even stupid ass fight metric gave Rampage round one and scored round two the draw.

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    When i watched the fight i had lyoto wining. And i was rooting for Rampage (especially sense he came out to the pride music!!!!). I don’t like him just because i don’t like his style/how over hyped he was. Plus i love shogun. But, i still gave it to him. It was close though, Lyoto can’t really complain. Since i watched it live, i’v gone back and forth on who won, i think i’ll stick to lyoto.

  • glassjawsh says:

    @ tanhauser – that is dumb dumbness, watch the first round again and look how well quinton controlled the tempo and where the action took place. It was far more effective than the 5 or so leg kicks that lyoto landed. your theory also discounts the uppercuts quinton consistently landed after disengaging from the clinch.

    just like ed soares saying that running away is lyoto’s style. Which means that he automatically concedes octagon control to his opponent, which means he is never the aggressor which puts him at a disadvantage

    at least one of the judges agreed with you, but you’re still wrong

  • Jim says:

    I think the difference was, Shogun’s leg kicks fucked Lyoto up a little bit, while the kicks Lyoto landed on Jackson weren’t much more than than slaps.
    Which I think is a big chink in Lyoto’s style; he’s got to jump in each time to try hurt you.

  • P W says:

    The whole thing is a non-issue, especially when there was a REAL judging fuck-up on this card to be upset about.

  • gPie3 says:

    If we drop the comma,,,,,

    There’s no way, Lyoto won the fight man. to There’s no way Lyoto won the fight man.

  • Tanhauser says:

    Ya’ll trolling.

  • AZ Bored says:

    Anderson thinks Lyoto won??? Really, I am shocked.

  • Oontyex says:

    first to rounds, who ever technically did more wasnt by a large margin, and no damage was caused, really should be 10-10 rounds imo

  • Jim Harbaugh Scramble says:

    Rampage won. clearly. Fuck Lyoto and Ed Sore-ass.

  • Komodo says:

    *shakes fist

  • Tanhauser says:

    Yeah he clearly won.. almost getting his ass ko’d in the third and doing some foot stomps.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully says:

    Machida blew the first two, I’m glad he lost.
    The running away style is only a good method in real life.

  • frickshun says:

    Waah waaah spilled milk, bitches.

  • NinjaCodah says:

    It’s like people don’t care about the fact that Machida is the only one who did something of importance in that fight. They prefer to rely on some uneventful rounds and some rules that nobody ever gave a shit about before to justify a win for Rampage, or a lost for Machida.

    I can understand how the decision could go to Rampage (with a coin toss), but the fans out there shouldn’t act like Rampage actually beat Machida because he certainly didn’t.

  • Jim Harbaugh Scramble says:

    Machida fucked up. He did shit in the first two rounds.

    He needed a KO or Sub to win.

    It is that simple.

    You can’t circle backwards for two rounds and win a fight.

    Fuck Machida. Kick his boring ass out of the UFC. only good thing that asshole ever did is KO Rashad.

  • GoldenArms says:

    run lyoto run!

  • iamphoenix says:

    i wish lyota got slammed!!!!

  • glassjawsh says:

    @ ninjacodex – so what you’re saying is that if you ignore insignificant factors like the unified rules and judging criteria than machida won the fight?

  • NinjaCodah says:

    They’re significant in getting the decision under the rules, but they don’t mean shit as to declare who actually beat who in this case. Rampage is the one who took the beating in this fight and people are acting out like he’s back and better than ever now. What?!? Props to Rampage for being patient and careful, but I’m not sure how it differs from what Machida is doing in general.

    At the end of the day, Rampage landed one solid uppercut and did punch Lyoto’s thighs a little, while Lyoto kicked, kneed, used some sumo techniques on him, rocked him, took him down, controlled him on the ground and almost landed a submission. But hey, while they were doing nothing for the majority of the fight, Rampage was given the center of the Octagon so he gets wins.

  • frickshun says:

    Ninja–>it’s called the 10-point must system. Unless you consider the 1st 2 rds to be 10-10, it’s hard to say Rampage “lost”.

  • CAP says:

    agentsmith nailed it. And when I saw Jeff Blatnik was one of the judges I thought everything would be fine…

  • NinjaCodah says:

    frick: re-read my post. I just think it’s one of these situations where him getting the W doesn’t translate to him beating up Machida. A lots of people are willing to embrace that stupid 10must system in this case only because it fucks Machida over.

  • Schrute Boxe says:

    don’t worry i’m sure in 2-3 months a more popular fighter will get screwed by the same judging criteria and everybody will be back against hating the the 10-point system.

    machida deserved to lose that fight by the system of judging, albeit barely and it doesn’t take from the fact that he delivered the most excitement in the fight and came the closest to finishing. the dude is way more aggressive than people give him credit for mostly because most mistake octagon control and aggression as the same thing.

  • agentsmith says:

    I think Rampage deserved to win the first two rounds but just BARELY. Like by a cunt-hair. I couldn’t really complain if one or both had been scored a 10-10, and therefore the whole fight became a draw. But I don’t believe Machida deserved more than a draw for his performance.

  • Grappo says:

    Meh, I had Machida winning, but it was close enough that nobody should be raising much of a stink about it.

    Jim MyUsernameIsTooFuckingLongtoFitThisFormat – “You can’t circle backwards for two rounds and win a fight.”

    Sure you can.