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The calm befedor the storm

Oh puns, what would I do without you? For all the chit chat surrounding UFC75, the elephant in the room that no respectable blogger is willing to discuss is the possibility of Fedor signing with the UFC. Fortunately for my readers, I am not very respectable at all … nay, I am a rogue! A scoundrel! An agent of assumption and a reseller of rumors. And now I lay it on the line and say dispite what many people with better connections have said, I’m predicting Fedor signing with the UFC and the deal being done in the next two weeks. Why? Because I’ve got a serious fucking case of deja-vu.

We all remember what happened with Mirko Crocop? That was another deal shrouded in secrecy, with both parties flatly denying on record that things were set until UFC 67 ads showed up with CroCop kicking people’s heads in left and right. However, there were a few slip-ups … Crocop’s name started popping up in UFC programming. Training partners on Mirko’s web forum kept implying there was about to be a big announcement. And then there was that thing where Mirko’s picture got taken wearing a UFC hoodie. Oops.

And now again, lets look at what’s happening with Fedor: his name pops up in the Countdown to UFC75 show – and you know Dana never gives anyone outside his organization free advertising. Sources from the UFC side continue to say no (just like with Mirko) but over on the Russian side there are enough leaks to sink a Russian battleship implying that the deal is pretty much done. And of course, let’s not discount Fedor’s new Affliction shirt deal.

“Oh who fucking cares, it’s a t-shirt deal.” Yeah, a deal with the official provider of shitty t-shirts for UFC fighters. Dana White looked like a total goof through several seasons of TUF wearing their shit, and people want to act like there’s no way the UFC was involved in the sponsorship deal. Hell, the UFC never hooks it’s fighters up with sponsorships … oh wait, yes they do. They do that all the time.

Anyways, you all can take the facts as you will. I’m not guaranteeing that there’ll be an announcement of some sort at UFC75 … in fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if things are left purposely ambiguous to stir more hype and drive forum junkies nuts with the ‘will he / won’t he’ suspense. But mark my words … it’s pretty much a done deal at this point.

  • Luke says:

    “befedor” is not a pun

  • I think the fact that he and Randy are both going to be there to promote Affliction is more than just coincidence. There’s nothing we can do but wait (and speculate) until Saturday.

  • A pun (also known as paronomasia) is a figure of speech, or word play which consists of a deliberate confusion of similar words within a phrase or phrases for rhetorical effect, whether humorous or serious. A pun can rely on the assumed equivalency of multiple similar words (homonymy), of different shades of meaning of one word (polysemy), or of a literal meaning with a metaphor.

    Walter Redfern (in Puns, Blackwell, London, 1984) succinctly said: “To pun is to treat homonyms as synonyms.” For example, a pun is used in the sentence “There is nothing punny about bad puns.” The pun takes place in the deliberate confusion of the implied word “funny” by the substitution of the word “punny”, a heterophone of “funny”.

    A pun using heterophones, words with similar but inexact sounds, is called an imperfect pun. When a character or person does this unintentionally it is called a malapropism. An example of this is saying “the world is perspiring against me,” as opposed to “the world is conspiring against me.” Bad puns are sometimes called “cheesy”.

    In order to be able to pun effectively it is necessary that a language must include homonyms which may readily be misrepresented as synonyms. Languages with complex gender or case structures tend not to facilitate this, although puns can be constructed in all languages with varying degrees of difficulty; that is, puns are said to be easy to construct in languages such as Chinese or English, but rarer in Russian.

  • Matt says:

    Not to mention Randy calling him out at the press conference.. Couture breaking his arm gives Dana some more time to fuck w/ our heads so I doubt they announce his debut at UFC 75, maybe the Nov. or even Dec. show.

  • hankd says:

    and Fedor videos disappearing off youtube and dailymotion the last couple weeks. I had a Fedor highlight on Dailymotion for a long time and it vanished in the last week…says it was removed for content violation or some crap…

    There are also a lot of well established Sherdog members posting that it’s a done deal…guys that have broke other news before (I’m not referring to “bobsappfan”…that was a fake).

    He’s signing and they’ll announce it Saturday. Dana and his talking media heads (ie, Sam Caplan, Kevin Iole) are just trying to keep it so everybody and their dog doesn’t know ahead of time…

  • E says:

    I think that Caplan was honestly reporting what he heard from his inside source.

    That said, if this is the case then I would postulate that there was a deliberate push within the UFC to give various media outlets misinformation to protect the novelty of their announcement.

  • DJ Hapa says:

    I can’t believe Fedor would pass up K1 with its live DJ, Unicorns, Magical tigers, anime girls and people on pogo sticks for the lowly UFC. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • hankd says:

    come on that wasn’t anything like hero’s in japan.

  • ajadoniz says:

    it’s what i’ve been saying all along! love live the scoundrels! aye! exclamation point, exclamation point.

  • Big Fern says:

    Fedorezy is in. well said Fight Licker!

  • I think you were the first guy to calculate the sum of Affliction sponsorship + Fedor at UFC 75 + co-starring Randy Couture, and now CBS Sportsline is running with it. Congrats.

    By the way, awesome blog. I prefer your writing and analysis over anything produced by major media’s middle-aged writers who pretend to be hardcore fans of the sport. It’s like the fuckers are paid to retype press releases.


    JoshP (part of Team)

  • maafaka says:

    dana can create all the suspence he wants now…once Fedor steps inside the oc-fucking-tagon there will be no longer suspence – for the issue of his fights -….and for years

  • cyphron says:

    For having the balls to post this prediction, you’re now on my most visited MMA blog list. I think we need bloggers to remain bloggers. Many of the other MMA blogs are now becoming too mainstream and act too much like a newspaper. If I want propaganda, I’d go to! If I want intelligent conjectures and analysis, I go to blogs. Good job!

    BTW, thanks for the pun definition. I’m now enlightened.

  • Wow, I never expected this much positive response from an irresponsible prediction!

  • Sam Caplan says:

    How the hell am I a talking media head for Dana White and the UFC? Have you ready anything I’ve written besides the Dana White interview or are you merely talking out of your ass?

  • Oh man, I’d be pissed too if I got mentioned in the same breath as Iole . I gotta say, Sam is by far the best guy we have who gets a regular paycheck for his work. He’s an actual fighter so he knows his shit in that regard, and he asks some tricky questions, not just the easy ones. Plus he reads this site regularly, which is like proof positive that he’s totally awesome.

  • ACanadianPotHead says:

    Caplan sucks……..him and Kos are good friends and maybe more……….I hope he sees this…..nice prediction Sam, never gonna let you live that one down!!!

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Yeah, because everyone who makes predictions is always right. Damn me for being bold and going out on a limb! I can’t live it down… things are so bad I can’t leave my house!
    Kos and I are friends? I’ve talked to him one time on my life. Kind of hard to build a friendship off of one conversation. But I guess one time is enough to do more, as you insinuate.

    And Linker (I’d call you by your real name but I’m not sure if you want it to remain a mystery? I wasn’t sure if your fugitive status was cleared up yet), calling me a “fighter” is erroneous. Maybe I could pass for a wannabe fighter, but even that is stretching it. I would say I train MMA and study it.

  • Rollo the Cat says:

    I got my issues with Caplan’s writings often, but he is no Kevin Iole.

    Here is the real question for you, Sam. If you could be Kevin Iole, and all that entails, would you be?

  • I know I would be. I hear dana white’s cock throws liquid gold.

    And sam, any guy who’s on youtube fighting in a cage is a fighter. No need to be modest.

    And no, no secrets here … my true name is Brad Pitt :-)

  • Sam Caplan says:

    That’s a loaded question. I’m perfectly happy being me.
    I’m not going to try and convince anyone to think differently because there are a lot of opinionated people out there who feel the way they feel. But I want to come to Kevin’s defense (not that he needs me to do it). I think he gets a bad rap. I think Kevin is a good guy (well, I’ve only met him once) and a good writer.
    I don’t necessarily understand the whole Dana thing because if Dana is calling me (he doesn’t call me, BTW), I’m picking up. It’s that simple. A lot of people who rip Kevin for the access he has to Dana wouldn’t turn it down if it was offered to them.
    I also read a lot of complaints that Kevin focuses too much on the UFC. But there’s a huge difference in writing for a site as big as Yahoo! that has the demographic it does in comparison to a site that appeals to a hardcore audience. Kevin can’t wait for a hardcore audience. His articles have to have a mainstream slant to them. I know in my situation there’s a huge difference in how I approach a story I do for my blog or as opposed to an article for