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The biggest little fight in WEC history!

The UFC just sent out a completely unneccessary UFC83 hype email so they could also tack on an advertisement for the Faber vs Pulver mega-match that’s happening June 1st at the Arco Arena. Yup, that’s right: no more Hard Rock, which is great news to me because that place was about the worst venue in fighting history. Jason Mayhem Miller once likened the vibe to “wrestling at a high school meet”.

I’m still kinda surprised that the WEC has decided to go balls out with a place the size of the Arco Arena though. Does Sacremento not have a place bigger than 1500 but smaller than 15,000? Or does Zuffa expect a miracle from Urijah Faber’s smile and ass-chin? Considering the scale of this show, you’d think the WEC would throw all the champions who aren’t likely to be in rehab onto the card, but as it stands it’s just the bantamweight and featherweight belts on the line.