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The big Fightlinker announcement

Ok, so some of you are wondering: what the fuck is going on? Did you guys sell the site? Did you find a sugar daddy to make all of your financial blues disappear? The good news is that no, we haven’t sold out, and yes, we have found a sugar daddy to help us out: you guys.

I’ll admit that the site has suffered a little since we’ve been working to make a living doing this. The reason is simple: we’re terrible businessmen. We were so busy trying to get advertising deals that we forgot the entire reason why we started this site. With all advertising revenue drying up, the two of us were seriously discussing the options we had available to us, and it wasn’t looking good.

It was then that we decided that the only way to make this work was by seeking patrons that would help keep the site afloat. We already have a number of paying members, but so far, there’s been no reason to pay other than in the hopes of helping make us a success. That is about to change.

Starting this month, we are introducing added content that will become member exclusive. For starters, we are committing to another radio show per week, but the catch is that although this extra show will be free all of March, the following month is will be behind the “Iron Curtain”, and be visible to paying members only.

This isn’t the only thing we’re planning on doing. As the months roll by, we’ll be continually adding to the member exclusive content, showcasing these new features for free for a month until the time expires and it becomes only for members.

Some of you might be worried that the site in general will take a hit. We don’t plan on producing less content, but with that being said, the best stuff will be for the members, no doubt about it. You are the ones that will be supporting us, and the jackals who believe in us deserve the very best we have to offer.

This patronage idea is new in the interwebs, and it’s bound to upset some people who feel that they shouldn’t need to pay to be entertained. This isn’t something we do lightly, but it is the only way that we can stay financially solvent and remain independent. The truth is that advertisers are scared of what we do, and that they might unduly influence our material. We’re not interested in being told what we can say. I think neither are you guys.

We’re asking for donations to start at $20 a year. That’s the minimum for 1 year of access to all the exclusive content. We’re also toying with the idea of making special shirts and dog tags for patrons that donate a little more. Obviously, we’re looking for your input, and since we are putting so much focus on you, the fans, we believe that you get a say in some of the incentive programs we want to setup.

So there you have it folks: Fightlinker wants to become the HBO of MMA comedy sites. Our goal is to get 1000 members by March of next year. If you are skeptical that this is possible, we ask that you give us the month of March to decide for yourselves if you think we’re worth the money and if this model will work. I’ll tell you honestly that Ryan and I have never felt better. For once we feel like we are working for you guys directly, and it’s helped motivate us to really turn the funny juice on. The past few days we’ve been teasing you with videos, an improved radio show, and other content that will eventually be members only, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re counting on you guys to help us with this vision, and we are looking forward to keeping the laughs going!

We ask that you believe in us enough to give us the equivalent of 5 cents a day. That’s less than the cost of saving a starving African child, and honestly, how many of those kids make you laugh? They usually just bum me out!