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The big announcement: revealed! UPDATED: OR NOT???

Sam Caplan over at Five Ounces has won the race to figure out what the fuck the UFC’s big announcement was going to be: MMA’s legalization in the state of New York. I’m glad someone sorted it out, because the announcement was being delayed until next Tuesday. This turned out to be on account of the bill to legalize the sport being shot down hardcore by the Committee for Tourism, Arts, and Sports Development of New York. Zonk!

So right now phone calls are being made and lobbyists are greasing the wheels for another vote on the bill to take place ASAP. But now that we know what the big secret was supposed to be, we no longer have to worry that it’s going to be something horrific.

**UPDATE** I’m going to steal a comment from a user over at

NY sanctioning, while huge, is not:
Mind blowing
Out of left field
Going to change the landscape of MMA for the next 5 years
Something that should be privately announced to UFC employees
Already a done deal.

So perhaps Sammy boy was wrong when he said “This web site has also learned that the possible legalization of Mixed Martial Arts in the state of New York was the planned announcement that UFC president Dana White had hinted at during an interview that was published on last week.” Me personally, I think he’s right. Dana’s had a boner for getting legalized in NYC forever, so if his hyperbole seems extreme … well, he has been known to slightly exaggerate things to a degree from time to time. What’s that thing he said about Fedor again?

  • kentyman says:

    “I’ve got good news and bad news.

    The good news is, the UFC is gonna hold an event in Madison Square Garden.

    The bad news is, I just found out that’s not true at all.”

  • MRC54 says:

    In an interview Big Daddy Dana said he hadn’t mentioned “the deal” before because it had only just been sined and he doesn’t like talking about things until they’re done. I’m sceptical to whether this is the announcement seeing as it clearly wasn’t finalized.

  • Burtonchik says:

    hopefully Ontario also stops being a bunch of dickwads soon so that we can see something earlier than UFC 1million in t.o.

  • iamphoenix says:

    that can’t be it.

  • iamphoenix says:

    because it’s not.

  • jd says:

    Yeah Ontario seriously needs to get their shit together.

  • D. Capitated says:

    LOL at people talking about how it can’t be the announcement because it wasn’t signed and finalized by Dana. You know, like when Silva walked out at UFC 61 because he was gonna fight Liddell in November of 2006. Or when Tito Ortiz appeared in PRIDE during the prefight of Sakuraba/Silva to hand each man flowers because there was gonna be a fight. Or the time UFC was gonna run Japan in early 2005. You guys are a riot.

  • iamphoenix says:

    apparently you know everything so why should we even bother voicing our opinions…

  • The announcement is an exclusive deal @ MSG for the UFC so no other MMA promoter can use the building, this is ofcourse in conjunction with the legalization of MMA in NY State. Just sit back, wait until Tuesday and it’ll make sense…

  • Ontario has it’s shit together, just in that they’ve decided they don’t want MMA to exist and will do whatever they can to prevent it from getting a foothold.

    Ontario is a fun vortex. It sucks all the joy out of life. I literally moved away from Ottawa because they basically banned fun.

  • MRC54 says:

    Yeah exactly, he was burned bad with those “announcements” which is why he doesn’t do that shit anymore. If this is the announcement I find it strange that he would need to hold a meeting for his entire staff. What would it matter to them, they’d just go to NY to do a show like they did with New Jersey, it doesn’t really “shape the company”. It’s major, yes but not entirely company defining in my opinion. Unless they planned on opening up an East Coast office.

  • D. Capitated says:

    apparently you know everything so why should we even bother voicing our opinions…

    No one said you couldn’t voice your opinions. Of course, by voicing your all important opinion, you open yourself up for criticism.

  • Well, there’s still the possibility that the NY thing is wrong. Remember that MMA Payout said Morgan Stanley is setting up some sort of big financial something or other for the UFC. But the pieces fit for this being the right answer … Dana’s had a bigger hard on for getting into NY than he did for HBO and other big steps. NY is the last big state they needed to be legal nearly everywhere in the US. So I can see them taking the company out for dinner to celebrate that.

  • MRC54 says:

    We’ll wait and see…on to more important stuff. When is Cage Potato going to vomit all over themselves?

  • Higgz says:

    I sure hope there is a Fedor vs. Randy kind of announcement to go along with a NYC regulation. That’s the only thing that could “blow my mind” since it wouldn’t be that big of a surprise to get sanctioned in NYC.

    Although, this is the guy that said “Big changes” were happening to TUF…

  • cyph says:

    I posted this on FiveOunces:

    The problem I have with this is, even if the committee okays the bill, it would still have to come up for a vote and then signed into law by the governor. Remember, unless I’m wrong, there is a current law that explicitly BANS MMA in New York. There has to be another law that reverses it. How could Dana celebrate after a vote by the committee to put the bill up to vote… isn’t that premature celebration?

    I’m more inclined to think Sam Caplan is wrong on this one.

  • Asa says:

    …on to more important stuff. When is Cage Potato going to vomit all over themselves?

    Word. Hey Ryan, can you FedEx him that ipecac? We’ve been waiting for three whole entire days to see that bitch spew.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    Ipecac bet. Like Elephants and Psycho Ex- Girlfriends we never forget.

    Also, IOWA is sinking due to rain

  • jakey says:

    nice dolls tho

  • Chuck says:

    “You have no idea some of the stuff that we have planned. I’m going to make an announcement next week that is going to blow people’s minds. That deal is done, but my employees don’t even know yet.”- Dana White
    I hate to scrutinize Dana’s off the cuff verbage but he says the “deal” is done. I wouldn’t consider passing a bill in legislature a deal. The UFC lobbied, the senate didn’t pass it. I’m holding out for something else. It’s more fun that way.

  • fightlinkerReader says:

    While certainly not mind blowing for UFC fans, running UFC events in NY would be mind blowing for the UFC. The national media has a New York bias. For example, how many times must we be subject to Yankees baseball on espn? From their perspective, and its not one I share, if a sport hasn’t been played in NY, than its not that important. If the UFC were to hold several huge MMA events in NY, the established media would pay attention, and more national coverage would result.

    That being said, I doubt thats the big news.

  • MrNiceGuyMMA says:

    It better not be the big news.

  • Tanner says:

    Like the guy from junkie said.

    How is this going to change the landscape of MMA in the next 5 years. I guess it kinda does but it seems like its something they’ve been working on for the last 5 years.

    I understand this is big but i don’t think its really bigger than budweiser, one of these days i’ll learn to take huge news for mediocre news from dana everytime he tries to hype this kind of shit.

  • Yeah, I don’t know what MMA universe Caplan is covering but for me, I didn’t honestly think for one second that was their big announcement.

    And to put that out their as such and have a potentially huge flausity spreading to every corner of the online MMA world does not due internet MMA reporters and commentators one bit of help when trying to legitimize ourselves to the UFC and the other biggest organizations.

    It’s just giving them more fuel to stoke the fire of dismissing and excluding internet MMA journalism.

  • D. Capitated says:

    You know what does an even better job of stoking the fires of those who want to dismiss internet MMA journalism? Posting stories garnered from message boards and poorly regarded pro wrestling websites as potential fact and breaking developments.

  • cyph says:

    Oliver Copp reported that Dana White denied to him and other reporters in London that the big surprise was going to be regulation in New York. He was openly talking about New York regulation to people. He also told Kevin Iole and Neil Davidson how it was something he has to tell his employees first, and obviously running MSG wouldn’t fit into that category.

    Dave Meltzer said it and that’s good enough for me.