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The big announcement is delayed AGAIN

Okay, so that big announcement that was coming out last week that was delayed until today? It’s just been delayed until tomorrow. Personally I’m tired of speculating as to what the fuck it is, but I’ll just point out that tomorrow is also the day that the state of New York re-votes on legalizing mixed martial arts.

  • Elfenstein says:


  • So this has been a common misperception, but the state of New York is not voting on legalizing mixed martial arts tomorrow. It is a vote on the tourism board, which it has to pass in order to get to the floors of the two main chambers. After this vote, there will have to be votes in both of those in the future, and then even after that the governor will have to sign it.

    Anyway this would be a ridiculous announcement. Congratulations, we passed the easiest step of all in getting MMA passed in New York, now buckle down for the hard stuff!

  • I hear it may have something to do with a german company buying a stake in Zuffa.

  • Giantooo Shilbaaaa says:

    The big announcement is hes shaved the ‘stach!

  • Footer says:

    I’m convinced that they are taking the UFC public.