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The best TUF7 episode 2 guide

Wah wah wah, where’s posts about the Ultimate Fighter? That’s probably what other MMA webmasters hear if they’re not drowning their readers in boring ass TUF content like ‘insider blogs’ from guys on the show who can’t write or just general shitty write ups. Let me tell you what: the only thing worse than watching the Ultimate Fighter is reading an episode recap. Yawn. Me? I didn’t even watch this week’s episode. I know. I’m like the worst MMA blogger EVER.

Fortunately, history thus far has proven to me that not only do my readers NOT harass me for TUF content, but whenever I do spend the time covering it, none of them give half a shit. So I don’t feel too bad ignoring it for the moment. I did however want to point out the best breakdown of this week’s episode, care of Martial Farts (whom you all should have bookmarked by now, they get mentioned so much around here):

Episode 2.

This episode was great. There was a bunch of really shit fights.

The last fight was pretty good. One guy had a beard.

Then Dana White sent half the people home to no jobs, no cars and probably no girlfriends!

The one-minute preview for the season actually looked pretty good. There seems to be a complete and utter lack of any form of innovation, but luckily lots of stupid shit being done by stupid idiots which is exactly why people watch reality TV, anyway.

Catch you next week, fuckers.

Now that’s the kind of prose I can get behind!

  • Accomando says:

    “…Dana White sent half the people home to no jobs…”

    No, Mike Marello has a job, he is still a bartender at a total shit-hole dive in my town.

  • P W says:

    As the old saying goes: prose before hos!

  • Atom says:

    HEY! I like the insider blogs! FL- I asked you if you knew of any, but got *crickets* . Mac had a good one, and so did Lauzon. I don’t trust them not to accidentally spoil things by implying to much, but I’ve given up on that anyway since you can tell who’s getting the most camera time from the beginning. For all the complaints about editors.. well, doing their job and editing, its nice to get a little commentary on the side. I’d love to see one of the contracts about confidentiality and what cast members are allowed to say to promote the show without giving it away.

    Jeramiah Riggs is one of the finalists!

    (calm down… he didn’t even make it into the house)

  • clint notestine says:

    fightlinker what did you think of the KO and subsequent amnesia, broken jaw and concussion? “Where am I Rampage”

  • Xavier says:

    “fightlinker what did you think of the KO and subsequent amnesia, broken jaw and concussion? “Where am I Rampage”

    He didn’t watch the show, doofus. Not enough fat guys fighting females on the show, let alone a lack of worked bouts and steroids. It’s not Fightlinker territory.

    Otherwise, good episode. Too bad it’s going to now digress into the usual “stupid males acting stupid because all they have to do is drink alcohol like stupid people do.”

  • hahahaha
    i’ve seen a few ep of this online somewhere, and thats all

    reality shows are for bitches