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The best slam ever!

What’s the best slam in history? Kevin Randleman against Fedor Emelionankibob? Quinton Jackson against Ricardo Arona? No. It’s God against Jake Brown. Yes, I know … it’s not MMA. But I was actually going to write an article on how lame X-Sports were compared to mixed martial arts. And now I guess I have to scrap that shit because I now think X-Sports rule.

  • Mike O says:

    would have been the best slam ever if quinton jackson rushed out in front of the paramedics and then landed a few punches to his prone body. then a japanese guy pulls quinton off. ONLY THEN would it beat the arona slam

  • intenso says:

    My favorite part of that was just after Jake had slammed into the ground. The crowd was silent, the announcers were silent…and then Tony Hawk goes “I can’t believe he did the 720.”

  • jim allcorn says:

    Damn. WTF!!!?

    I’m not into The X Games or any of that crazy stuff, but that’s bloody INSANE. Give that kid credit, he’s a tough little SOB!

    I thought for sure he was toast. I can’t believe he hit so hard his shoes popped off. That’s nuts.

    Thank God he he kept his wits about him & turned his body enough to absorb the impact in a way that didn’t cripple him.

  • ajadoniz says:

    lol very nice lead into the video.

  • Jonathan says:

    There is an interview on Yahoo! with the guy and he says the only thing going through his head when the shit was in the air was “How do I fall”

    Well dumbass, it happens when you do stupid shit like that. Though, props to guy for having the balls to do something that dumb. Also, he turned out `ok`…as in he is not dead.

  • GonzoDamon says:

    I’d have to say that the best slam ever was the MONSTER POWERBOMB that Wes Sims did against that poor schmuck Edwin Allseitz at Coleman’s show. I’m not sure what kind of damage he incurred, but he didn’t get up while they were taping and it looked nasty.