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The best fight of the weekend

With all due respect to the IFL immigrant fight special, the best fight of the weekend wasn’t Palazkewaski/Horodesckivich. Hell, the best fight wasn’t even an MMA fight! This weekend, the best fight was a fucking boxing match … Calzaghe vs Kessler in the UK.

This blows me away too considering the fact that I don’t even like boxing very much. But by the fourth round of this bout I was on my feet shouting at the TV. I came into the bout cheering for Kessler, since he looked like a tiny Ivan Drago from Rocky 4. Calzaghe was a cocky piece of shit, and I wanted him to go down. But round by round he used his brawler style to pick apart Kessler, and by the end of the fight I had a ton of respect for both fighters.

Calzaghe is everything boxing needs … he’s entertaining, shows personality in the ring, and is really talented. If boxing had a dozen guys like this and wasn’t so splintered, maybe they could get their sport back up where it belongs.

As it stands, while I’m still not sold on boxing as a whole, I’m sold on Calzaghe. Apparently the next stop for him is a fight with either the winner of Pavilik/Taylor 2 or Bernard Hopkins. It’s unknown how long it’ll take for that shit to come together, so I guess I may not see Calzaghe fight for 6 months or something. Boo-urns.

  • intenso says:

    Pavlik/Taylor rematch will be in mid-February. Hopefully Taylor learns how to keep his fucking hands in front of his face between now and then.

  • Accomando says:

    Not likely intenso. Look at his past figts, Taylors left eye is always the size of a softball after his fights.

    Calzaghe was unbelievable, and Kessler will wreck everyone else is the Super Middleweight division. I mean, Calzaghe had defended his WBO belt like 22 times and he just unified them will his win over Kessler.

    Anyway, Kessler/Calzaghe was the best fight of the night, and I was at the Grand Prix’s!

  • intenso says:

    Believe me, I know. I’m a huge Taylor fan and it’s been painful to watch his fights since he left Pat Burns. Watching Taylor in his first 25 fights was amazing. He showed some flashes of that in the early rounds of his fight with Pavlik, and at least Pavlik wasn’t able to walk Jermain into a corner whenever he wanted like Winky and Spinks did. I think Jermain KNOWS what he has to do to win fights, and wants to do it, I just think his training camp sucks and he’s not prepared when he goes into his fights.

  • Tommy says:

    I came into the fight cheering Kessler as well. Not that I don’t like Calzaghe, he’s just on his way out. One of Kessler’s biggest problems was his corner. He needs new men. Men that don’t forget to bring enswell so he can see the whole fight and can tape and wrap hands properly. Now that’s an audience the UFC aspires to and when they sell that many tickets and that many people watch that’s when fighters deserve the trully big bucks.

  • Accomando says:

    “…Pavlik wasn’t able to walk Jermain into a corner whenever he wanted like Winky and Spinks did…”

    Also, to Taylors credit, he landed some nice combos while backed against the ropes. And, he had Pavlik dropped, it was just an unblievable comeback. Great fight.

    I can’t for the re-match, Taylor needs a win bad, it should be a great fight again.

  • Ted Dibiase says:


  • intenso says:

    Yeah the rematch should be a great fight. I’m encouraged by the improvements Jermain made. I’m a big fan of Kelly Pavlik too, though. He’s an exciting fighter, a blue collar workhorse that the sport needs.

  • Taylor gave away the Pavlik fight … when he had Pavlik rocked, he didn’t go in for the kill like he should have

  • Winky Wright to face BJ Penn for interim title

  • Joe lives like one valley over from where I am originally from. His sister has been to see my dad for a massage. Apparently she is hot, and nails.