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The beginning of the end for Brandon Vera

The Brandon Vera bandwagon has officially lost it’s wheels.

Dana White:

“He was good, he was walking through heavyweights. Took that year off, all the contract stuff, hasn’t been the same guy since. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.”

Bloody Elbow:

People talk a lot about the “old” Brandon Vera, but I don’t buy it. The old Brandon Vera never fought guys like Tim Sylvia, Fabricio Werdum, and Keith Jardine. He just has not been able to put things together against high-end talent.

Five Ounces:

It’s time to face it. Brandon Vera is just not that good. To listen to Goldberg and Rogan tonight one would think Brandon Vera was the second coming of something great. This is a fighter that has never shown up for a top level fight. Tim Sylvia smashed him, Fabricio Werdum man handled him, and now Keith Jardine with a injured knee made him look ridiculous. I’ve heard all the excuses, and the reasons why he hasn’t shown his potential and I am not buying any of them.

How Brandon’s future plays out really depends on the UFC’s determination to go international and the price they’ll pay to keep Vera around as a Filipino star. Also, a long contract dispute may be in store, depending on if Brandon Vera is too dumb to recognize he needs to adjust his pay expectations based on his recent performances. I’m betting he won’t, and so no Brandon for like 13 months. If the UFC is willing to bury Roger Huerta then I’m pretty sure they’ll bury Vera as well. They’ve been pretty constant with their attitude of not being held for ransom by their fighting base.