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The battle over Chuck

The fight for Chuck Liddell’s future continues, with everyone under the sun butting in to tell the world what THEY think Chuck should do with his future (other than continue to bang endless lines of top notch vagoo). All this of course is because Dana White put his foot down and said his friend was done. Everyone else that wants Chuck to keep going? Crazy enough, they think it should be Liddell’s choice to make for some reason:

Hackleman says he’s not trying to get Chuck to keep fighting, he just feels that it should be Chuck’s choice.

“He’s turning 40, but he’s a strong 40,” countered John Hackleman, Liddell’s trainer since the start of his career. “I’ll be with him whatever he decides to do. If I felt there was even a chance of disability or a brain injury, I wouldn’t want him to fight.”

Hackleman says does not necessarily think Liddell should fight again, and though he is angry at White, he does think White’s intentions as they pertain to Liddell are honest. Hackleman said that when he, Howard Davis and Sammy Henson trained Liddell for the Rua fight, Liddell’s boxing was sharp and his conditioning was excellent.

“Howard Davis and Sammy Henson aren’t yes men,” said Hackleman.

It’s worth noting that Howard Davis did mention after the Shogun fight that all the bad habits he trained out of Liddell in practice magically re-appeared a few minutes into the fight.

Still, the funny thing about this whole situation is I think everyone just has Chuck’s best interests in mind, which is why it’s so dumb that everyone is arguing over him. On the eve of ESPN’s E:60 piece which will ask “Is Dana White too psycho to take the UFC mainstream?”, it’s worth noting that this public pissing contest over Chuck’s future is just another situation which could have been completely avoided if a certain bald headed UFC exec had showed just a smidge of tact and forced the Iceman to retire privately.