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The basics of running a successful promotion

MMA Junkie has a cool new series of articles called Anatomy of an MMA Show. It’s basically an “Idiot’s Guide to Throwing MMA Events”, which would have been really useful for those in charge of the IFL and EliteXC. Put together by the guy running XFC down in Florida, the writing is a bit ham-fisted but there’s a lot of fundamental golden rules jammed into the first edition:

“Remember our business model,” I told the table. “For XFC to succeed, it’s critical for all aspects of our promotion to grow – from the quality of our fighters to the saturation levels of our pre-fight publicity. We’re building a great deal of momentum right now. XFC is the undisputed king of Florida MMA, and we’re staging the biggest shows this side of UFC. Our activity level alone ranks us in the upper-echelon of the MMA universe, and we’re starting to generate a great deal of traction in the media. In fact, last night’s fight card was covered as far north as the Vancouver Sun. People in the industry are just beginning to take note of us, which means that our next event can’t just be as good as our last one – it’s got to be bigger and better. Otherwise, it’ll look like we’ve taken a step backward. Our No. 1 goal right now is for the Dec. 5 fight card to be the single greatest MMA event Florida has ever seen.”