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The Axe Murderer’s scalpel job

Wanderlei Silva’s new face is still a hot topic … many MMA fans wondering exactly what kind of procedure the Axe Murderer went under the knife for. And while I can’t really offer anything firm for you, I did decide to ask our resident medical adviser Carcass what he thought the latest batch of post-op Wand pictures implied:

Supraorbital incisions would imply that he’s had some tightening up of the tissues there. Wand isn’t really known for getting cut there but I’d probably get the supraorbital ridges filed down while they were in there. Plus, unless the swelling/scarring was affecting his vision in fights I doubt he’d have a purely cosmetic procedure while intending to continue his career in the ring. The ‘glossiness’ could be due to his skin being more taut.

Now that I think of it, Wand did have a pretty huge flap of skin drooping over his eye in the UFC 99 poster. Maybe that fleshy blinder was the impetus and then his wife (who looks like she’s not a stranger to plastic surgery herself) tacked on a few other extras. But again, this is all just speculation.