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The award for best fight poster goes to…

Behold! The poster for Ultimate Chaos, the event being thrown by some no-name Mississippi promotion. Although they apparently weren’t capable of affording a graphic designer who’s knowledge extended past Microsoft Word, they have somehow managed to put together a lineup that includes Bob Sapp, Bobby Lashley, Pedro Rizzo, Gilbert Yvel, and Din Thomas.

Pay numbers for Lashley and Sapp have never come out but it’s safe to say Bob Sapp isn’t fighting for the love of the sport. And if Bobby Lashley has a half-competent agent, he should be making decent coin too. Pedro Rizzo and Gilbert Yvel were Josh Barnett’s last two Affliction opponents so we know how much they’re used to making: 70k for Rizzo and 30k for Yvel. Din Thomas made 10k at March Badness.

I’m not going to try and guess how much less anyone is getting paid for this Mississippi event. But even if everyone is fighting on the cheap, this card is still going to cost a fuckload of money. There’s a reason most regional shows are stuck booking TUF rejects for headliners, and that’s because lineups like this either result in the promoters losing a shitload of cash or (worse) the promoters pulling the plug on fights or the entire event when they realize they aren’t getting the 8000+ people they stupidly expected. After looking at this poster (seriously, could it get any LESS professional?), I’m kinda expecting the latter. It wouldn’t be the first time.

It is a bit interesting to note that this card has three Affliction fighters plus Affliction exec Tom Atencio. I’d love to know more on what the connection is between the two promotions and if Atencio is giving these guys any deals.

*UPDATE* MMA Canada lists Bobby Lashley making 30k from his MFC fight on May 15th.