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The arrival of a new sanctioning body!

Fightlinker is proud to announce the formation of the MMA world’s second-ever sanctioning body, setting the stage for us to make lots of money off other people’s work!

“Assholes Making Money off Mixed Martial Arts”, or AMMOMMA, will do absolutely nothing that isn’t already done by athletic commissions, and in many cases we will actually do less! We will establish a set of unified rules based on the Unified Rules, ensure fighter safety by following the same standards already in place, and ‘sanction world championship bouts’. And by sanction, I mean sell the rights to the highest bidder.

AMMOMMA has strong ties to the fight industry, led by the highly respected Fightlinker staff and the rotting corpse of Ravishing Rick Rude. With these connections, AMMOMMA will create THE ULTIMATE TOP TEN LIST by doing an unprecedented poll on both the Underground AND Sherdog forums to see who is really #1 around the world. Well known Sherdog user “GraciezNuts” will be our lead forum pollster.

Remember to show up at our press conference next Wednesday which will feature a FREE STEAK DINNER and some fat boxing guys!