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The Affliction window

Michael Rome chimes in regarding the ProElite firesale:

This is more than just unfortunate for the fighters, it is tragic.   If they are unable to negotiate with the UFC to get deals before Affliction dies, they will be left with no bargaining power.   They are stuck in a terrible limbo at this point because there just aren’t a lot of people out there looking to buy.

It’s interesting to consider whether the UFC would consider buying any of these.   My guess is no since they will get them for less eventually, but some may be worth taking now instead of waiting 6 months for.   Plus, it would be the height of irony if they bought back contract rights to Frank Shamrock’s fights.

Normally I go along with everything Michael says, even when he calls me a little bitch and slaps me around. But this time, not so much. I’ll agree with the LOL @ SHAMROCK scenario laid out, and knowing Dana White (or as Frank has coined him, Uncle Fester) he might just show up simply to make that happen.

But simply put, the Affliction window has already shut. While Affliction may still sign more fighters, I’m pretty sure that they’re gonna be kaput after their second show. Sorry to be a naysayer on that one, but there’s simply no realistic way on paper for them to pull off show number two and not lose a sick amount of cash.

I’m not cat poop certain, but I’m “Spray Jake in the face with pepper spray if I’m wrong” certain. I’ll get back to you on whether he’s as sure as I am.