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The adventures of Mark and Kevin

MMA Memories has a cool little series of articles where they quote funny stories from a bunch of different MMA fighters. Here’s my favorite one from this week’s edition:

Kevin Randleman: “I saw Mark Coleman get beat up by an old woman in Brazil, an old, Wrinkly woman. She caught a pop on Mark and said, ‘Fuck you!’ I was fighting Sokata from Brazil, Ebeneezer Braga and Carlao Barreto in an hour and a half. Oh my God, I was in overtime in my first fight against Braga. I’m sitting on the ring rope waiting and I look over at Mark and this woman all of a sudden pours a cup of Coca Cola on him. He turns around to look at her and she goes, ‘I did it. Fuck you.’ Then I turn around and there’s Braga ready to punch me in the head! They started the overtime without telling me!”

Oh and if you’re wondering WTF is up with the above pictures, it’s from when Kevin and Mark were pro wrestling in Japan for HUSTLE, aka Dream Stage Entertainment aka PRIDE. Click here for more awesome HUSTLE wrestlers. Here’s my favorite.