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The 2008 Worsties

Over in the UK, Fighters Only is organizing a major MMA award thingy. You can go and vote for shit like Fighter of the Year, Fight of the Year, Submission of the Year, and all that good stuff. But that got me thinking … just like the Oscars have the Razzies, MMA needs it’s own anti-award ceremony. So with that in mind we at Fightlinker have decided to create the first annual Worsties awards, celebrating the absolute worst achievements in the field of mixed martial arts.

Here’s the categories that will be represented:

  • Worst Fight
  • Worst Overall Event
  • Worst Ref
  • Dumbest Fighter
  • Biggest dickhead promoter
  • Shittiest Commission
  • Worst MMA TV show
  • Worst commentary
  • Worst drug suspension
  • Worst MMA clothing line
  • Most overpaid fighter
  • Worst case of missing weight
  • Best mugshot
  • Worst book by an MMA fighter
  • The “Fighter who bleeds like the 4th week at Lilith Fair” Award
  • Special “Bad For the Sport” Achievement award (for the worst incident in MMA of the year)

Every few days for the rest of August we’ll be posting up another category and asking for your nominations and the reasoning behind them. Then in September voting will open and we will feature one category every day detailing the nominees and their ‘contribution’ to the sport. The winners will be announced on September 15th, which also just happens to be Fightlinker’s 2 year anniversary.

You can keep up to date with all the Worsties posts by clicking HERE.