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That’s some crazy swelling

Here’s some more pictures of the OMG eye swelling John Howard received during his fight with Jake Ellenberger. And in what would be the silliest example of being upset about a stoppage if Tyson Griffin hadn’t revealed himself as a total douchnozzle, Howard thinks he should have been allowed to continue:

“There’s nothing broken on my face,” Howard said. “The eye socket isn’t broken. He elbowed me directly on my eyeball and because of that it swelled up. But nothing was broken, I was still able to see out of the eye, my vision didn’t change. He just caught the elbow right.”

Howard gave Ellenberger credit for controlling the fight, but he was upset the doctor stepped in. Howard said his vision wasn’t compromised as much as it appeared and he wanted the opportunity to try to pull out a win in the final two minutes.

“It looked worse, but it wasn’t bad,” Howard said. “Trust me, I could have kept going. I did not want to stop. With two minutes left in the third round, let me fall on my shield at least. If I’m going to lose, I’m going to lose on my shield. Don’t stop the fight like that. That’s a horrible way to lose – from a doctor’s decision. That sucks.”

On one hand, yeah! You go, WARRIOR! On the other, no. Look at that thing. No.