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That will sting a little

I’m just gonna warn you now: don’t watch the above video unless you’re into seeing people’s legs broken backwards and sideways. This is just to give you some context for the below information on the upcoming Pancrase NYE-ish show:

Also on the same card, Japanese female fighter Windy Tomomi (Pictures) is set to return for the first time since her accident at Bodog Fight Costa Rica on Feb. 17.

Tomomi, who had an ankle badly broken during her fight with Rosi Sexton, went through five surgeries and several months of rehabilitation in Japan before she was discharged from the hospital in June. Since then, Tomomi started back with light training and physical therapy before officially announcing her return to the ring.

So for those of you keeping count, she took 10 months to recover from this injury and step back into the ring. Now that is fucking hardcore. I think it’d have taken me 10 months just to stop screaming hysterically that MY FUCKING LEG SNAPPED IN HALF. Now excuse me while I go drink a few litres of milk.