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Thank Buddah! Mark Hunt returning to MMA

It seems like Mark Hunt was determined to fight in every single sport out there that wasn’t MMA, just to tease the fuck out of us. First he signed with HUSTLE, Pride’s retarded pro-wrestling organization. Then he signed up with K1 to challenge Sammy Schilt. Personally I was worried that Hunt was sick of MMA, that he was returning to kickboxing and staying. But it now looks like that’s not the case:

Mark Hunt has had an interview with Rogue Magazine. In it he explains why he is taking the K-1 fight with Schilt and where his future is.

Seems the K-1 fight is a once of return to K-1, after that there will be MMA fights. Since K-1 and DREAM are closely related, DREAM will be his likely home. When asked about his first MMA fight, his answer was May 8. There is no DREAM event on that date… But there is one May 11. We have to wait and see what happens. Either way, Mark Hunt is on his way back to MMA!

Thank god for Japan, where a grown man can fight MMA, K1, and embarrass himself in pro wrestling all at the same time. I guess when you take a look at a Japanese contract and a UFC contract side by side, I can see why most fighters think the UFC contract is more restrictive. Probably because it’s been said that Japanese contracts are a myth (kinda like the female orgasm). Everyone just agrees verbally on everything and deals are done with a bow and a smile. Of course, when shit goes south, the UFC just takes you to court. In Japan, they threaten to send the Yakuza after you.

But hey, who needs their pinkies anyways?