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Thales Leites vs Anderson Silva???

If you thought middleweight title shots couldn’t get any lamer than they did with Patrick Cote, then hold onto your butts:

While the door to move back to the 205-pound division is still open, it appears Anderson Silva’s next fight will likely be another middleweight title defense, possibly against Thales Leites in February.

UFC president Dana White mentioned the fight when answering queries at a question and answer session in North Carolina on Tuesday.

“We’re working on that right now,” White said about Silva’s next fight. “We’re trying to set up a fight with him in February, hopefully, and we’re thinking about Thales Leites.”

Did no one get the memo where Anderson Silva said he’s going to retire from MMA when his contract is up? What the fuck is the UFC doing setting up these bullshit matches? At the very least, Patrick Cote had rattled around the middleweight division long enough to be able to earn a shot at the belt. If he had been facing anyone other than Anderson Silva, we probably would have thought it was a perfectly legitimate pick.

But even if we turn back the clock and put Rich Franklin back in the slot of middleweight champion, hooking Thales Leites up with a shot is fucking rediculous. The only decent name he’s won against is Nate Marquardt, and he didn’t even win that fight. He was just lucky that Nate fouled him so much that he won via point deductions.

I know Dana is probably up against a rock and a hard place trying to dig contenders out of the woodwork for Anderson Silva to fight. But how about this for an idea? Bring Silva back to 205 and start giving him some real challenges. The day he breaks a sweat against competition in the UFC is the day he maybe rethinks his decision to move onto something more challenging like boxing.