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Terry Martin is street!

The UFC had 50 Cent at UFC 91 last Saturday, and while Strikeforce doesn’t have him at their Destruction show this weekend, they do have a guy that was shot 5 times as opposed to Fitty’s 9 times. His name is Terry Martin:

Martin is a testament to human fortitude and one’s ability to overcome a troublesome past. A former gang member, he survived five gunshot wounds that nearly took his life at age 15 on the streets of his native Chicago, Illinois, and has since earned a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and pursued a dual career in professional boxing and MMA. He is on his way to receiving a master’s degree in psychology.

“When I was in the hospital recovering, I was around people who were shot in the same places as me, but who couldn’t walk or who lost their limbs as a result of what happened,” explained Martin of what drove him to make such drastic changes in his life. “Some of them even passed away. That really made me think twice and start hanging out in a different environment.”

Martin’s determination and spirit caught the eye of another Chicago-based MMA champion in “Mr. International” Shonie Carter while Martin was wrestling competitively for his soon-to-be alma mater. Carter introduced Martin to the local MMA scene and, soon after, a new career was born.

Martin will be taking on Scott Smith, who has somehow managed to fight on this Strikeforce card despite being stuck in the same contract limbo as the rest of ProElite’s fighters.