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Terry Martin sticks it to The Man

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the headlines that Terry Martin is suing the police for falsely arresting him. Basically, remember that scene in Crash where that dude fucks this crippled girl’s gaping wound? That was so awesome. But that has nothing to do with this. But in that other movie which is also called Crash, there’s these cops played by Matt Dillon and Ryan Phillippe who call this black dude a bunch of racial shit and then get all touchy with his wife. That didn’t really happen here either, but close enough.

Well, rather than freaking out and getting his head blown off or bottling the issue up inside and releasing it on white fighters across the UFC, Terry decided to go to the police station and report the incident. Which is “the right thing to do”. Of course, sometimes when you try to do the right thing, you get arrested by the same corrupt cops and hit with bogus charges.

Again, Terry did the right thing: he didn’t get himself shot by the cops and he didn’t decide to take it out on whitey in the ring. Instead, he hired Blake Horowitz, who has already milked over two million bucks out of the Chicago PD for corruption and racism. So now the only question is if Terry’s going to continue fighting in the UFC after winning his suit, or if he’ll just retire and live on a big pile of money, being fed grapes by the same corrupt racist assholes that cost a whole bunch of non-racist citizens their tax money.