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Terms of Standgate investigation set

MMAWeekly has the details on how the Florida State Boxing Commission’s investigation into StandGate will be playing out:

According to Alexis Antonacci, press secretary for Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), the investigation will release its findings in a week to a week and a half.

Representatives from the DBPR will first interview the promoters of EliteXC; presumably Jeremy Lappen, Head of Fight Operations; Jared Shaw, Vice President; and Chuck Champion, CEO.

Antonacci said Petruzelli and Kimbo, along with other fighters on the card, may or may not be interviewed.

“We’ll start from the promoters,” she said. “Possibly the fighters. We’ll just have to see what the initial fact finding mission turns up, and then we’ll move from there.”

Call me crazy, but I’m not too impressed thus far … they’re going to talk to the promoters and the fighters involved. Hmm, I wonder what they’ll say? Here’s hoping contracts get produced and specifics are laid out, but I’m pretty skeptical. Normally I expect organizations like this to know 1/100th of what’s actually going on. But when it comes to an investigation, you’d hope they’d shape up and actually oh I don’t know. INVESTIGATE?

The commission needs to talk to Dave Meltzer, who heard about the stand bonus before Petruzelli even mentioned it. They need to talk to Bryan Alvarez, who heard that Ken Shamrock was being offered a bonus to stand as well. They need to look into the standard amount EliteXC offers for KO bonuses, and compare that to what Petruzelli got. They also need to look into whether Seth’s standing money was simply cooked into the fight fee. They need to make sure all the fighters understand any lies or misrepresentations of the truth could have them banned from the sport FOR LIFE.

At the very very least they need to look into the ethics of offering specific bonuses for specific results. They need to look into the kind of disclosure EliteXC has for these fees. Even if EliteXC is innocent of trying to fix the fight in Kimbo’s favor, there’s still a pretty big issue with the way they slant shit to try and create ‘more exciting’ fights.