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Tennis elbow kills Fedor vs Werdum 2 for 2010

You’d think after beating Fedor, Fabricio Werdum would finally be given center stage and a little bit of attention. But now he’s become little more than a pawn being maneuvered around by Strikeforce and M-1 Global in the fight over Fedor’s last fight. Strikeforce wants Fedor vs Overeem. M-1 wants a rematch with Werdum. And Werdum just wanted some time to enjoy his status as Fedor killer and maybe a bigger check for a rematch a year down the road. So rather than wait and see who wins the tug of war over who’s next for Fedor, Fabricio went and did what many fighters do to take themselves out of the equation: he went and had surgery.

“There are a few priorities at the moment. One of them is getting surgery on my arm, since I’m suffering from tennis elbow. This really gets in the way of my training, and if someone catches me in an armlock, it could get ugly, ’cause it hurts a lot. I’ll have to go under the knife, since I’ve already delayed it several times. I’ve been like this for two years, always saying that I’d operate after each fight, but nothing. I feel that now is the time. I’m doing a series of seminars in Europe to enjoy the moment, and I’ll have surgery wehn I come back, already with my eye on the next fight.”

This would be good news if it meant Fedor’s management would acknowledge the reality of the situation and actually set up Fedor vs Overeem*. But unfortunately for us, if it’s a toss up between Fedor fighting Overeem and Fedor sitting out until Werdum is back, then the safe prediction is an 80% chance of sitting with scattered attempts to deny obvious duckage.

*Yeah, Fedor getting a shot at the Strikeforce belt off a loss is dumb, dumb dumb, but we all know these belts are barely worth the metal they’re made from so with the help of a psychologist and lotsa hugs from mom, you might get over it. If you are someone who drooled over the prospect of Overeem / Fedor until the Werdum loss but now say you don’t wanna see it, then kick yourself in the head for being a mercurial twat.