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Tell ESPN we want more MMA

There’s two things we can do in life: bitch about how things should be, or do something to make things that way. I generally prefer to do both. So if you’re like me and feel like ESPN’s MMA coverage generally sucks, here’s an easy way to do a small something about it without lifting your fat ass out of your smelly computer chair. Seriously, take a second now to stick your nose into the butt cushion part and take a whiff.

Anyways, if you’re not busy barfing your guts out after doing that, go to this ESPN page and vote up the “Should the SportsNation show cover more UFC” question. It’s at Yes 56% / No 44% which is still pretty fucking bad. That’s with nearly 10,000 votes, so if even one third of the people who come here every day go and vote we can make a pretty massive percentage shift happen.

I doubt the SportsNation producers will bow down and change the show to “The MMA SportsNation” on the strength of a single poll but they put these things up for a reason. So just take the two seconds to visit ESPN and click on the damn Yes button.

(thanks to ArmyGI for the link, which comes via Bloody Elbow)