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Team Modafferi (Navy)

We here at Fightlinker are proud supporters of Roxanne Modafferi, one of the best female MMA fighters in the world. Not only is she ranked up near the tippy top of the 135 pound division, but she is also a regular contributor to the site via posts and in the forums. Oh and she’s also super wicked awesome supreme!

The road a female mixed martial artist must take is long and hard – fights are hard to come by and they lack a lot of the sponsorship money their male counterparts rely on to stay afloat. So we decided to do something to help Roxy, and this 63Fight shirt is the result.

Why 63Fight? Her name ‘Roxy’ sounds like ‘63′ in Japanese, and since Roxy lives and trains in Japan it became her nickname. All profit from these shirts go directly to Roxy to help her cover costs associated with training.

PRICE: $18.00

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