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Team Diaz vaguely okay with Mayhem Miller fight now

Strikeforce seems to be trapped inside some kind of nightmare dimension where every single big fight they want to do is literally impossible for them to put together. I don’t think I have to remind you what a clusterfuck the heavyweight division is looking like right now, and then there’s the Nick Diaz / Mayhem Miller situation. We’ve now got Diaz’s coach Cesar Gracie saying “Hey, we’re totally down for this fight, but it just hasn’t been offered to us, man!”

“That fight just hasn’t been offered to us like in an official manner yet,” he said. “I know ‘Mayhem’ goes on his websites and (says) Nick is ducking him and everything.

“It’s kind of hard to duck someone when you haven’t even been offered the fight. It’s just ‘Mayhem’ talking about that. Until it’s been offered, you can’t say yes or no.”

Gracie said he hadn’t talked to Diaz about the fight but will in the next fight days. Besides, it hasn’t even really been offered.

Yeeeaaaaah. It’s not like everyone has been talking about it since April, including Jason Miller and Scott Coker. If there’s a reason it hasn’t been ‘officially’ offered, it’s because Nick’s camp made it clear before Mayhem’s suspension was up: fuck that guy.

Still, there’s a little bit of hope that this fight might actually happen:

But Gracie said if it’s a fight Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker wants, they’ll take it. But it won’t be in Miller’s middleweight division.

“If that fight was offered, yeah, we’d probably take that fight,” he said. “We’d just have to look at what weight class it’s going to be in, and apparently, ‘Mayhem’ can’t make 170. We’re not going to accommodate going to 185. It doesn’t really make that much sense to call someone out, and the champ has to … go to your weight class.”

Instead, Gracie prefers the fight to take place right in the middle – at 178 pounds, which is within a few pounds of where Diaz previously met Frank Shamrock and Scott Smith in Strikeforce catchweight bouts.

There’s one area of this argument where I am on Team Diaz, and that’s where Cesar Gracie says “Being the champ of ‘Bully Beatdown’ doesn’t really make you a contender.” In the past year, Mayhem’s only fight in the States was a Strikeforce one-sided special against a can opponent on the prelims of the Nashville card. It’s because of this that I believe Diaz really feels Miller doesn’t DESERVE the fight, and that kinda makes a little bit of sense I guess.

But this isn’t the UFC where the bookings all line up and make sense. Strikeforce books the fights that make sense right now … or at least they try to. Why Diaz wants to make the biggest fight available as difficult as possible is beyond me, but let’s hope Mayhem publicly accepts the 178 catchweight and we can take another step forward to making this shit happen before no one cares anymore.

  • Jim says:

    Never knew the the Shamrock & Smith fights were at a catchweight. Sounds like this fight is probably on then(hurray), don’t see why Mayhem wouldn’t accept a bout at 178.

  • glassjawsh says:

    keeping my fingers crossed that this goes down before GSP-Silva, just so we can all witness derek publicly squirm after zuffa is beaten to the punch in making the cross divisional fight that everyone wants to see (and yeah everyone would watch). DEFEND THAT! SUBOTICKI!

  • CAP says:

    This fight doesn’t quite carry the same weight as GSP/Silva but it’s a fight the fans want. It’s not like SF has anything else going for these guys so make it happen. Don’t wait 2-3 years like the noons rematch, that was just dumb.

  • pewnt says:

    LMAO @ glassjawsh.
    CAP hit the nail on the head.

    Strikeforce manages to make a NO BRAINER fight……after being asked about in every single interview since April……lets buy them a cake to show our appreciation.

  • SST says:

    Don’t count your eggs just yet. Anything can happen with SF matchups.