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Tapped Out is out again … in paperback!

Today is a pretty special day here at Fightlinker HQ: we’re excited to announce that our resident Big Deal writer Matthew Polly’s Tapped Out book has just been released in paperback. Where the hardcover was priced for the 1% to buy, read, and hit their servants around the head and neck with, the softcover is appropriate for the impoverished masses who yearn for a little bookreadin’ on bus rides between their three jobs.

The book tells Matt’s tale years after his American Shaolin days as decadent New York living has made him soft and weak. He jokingly / foolishly suggests to his publisher that he find out how horrific it would be for a thirty something out of shape guy to dive headfirst into mixed martial arts training, which leads him on a two year oddessy through the sport that takes him from the supercamps of Vegas to the sambo arenas of Russia and the ping pong shows of Thailand.

We’re gonna be pimping Polly’s book release all this month, so why don’t you make it easy on yourself and just buy the thing now?