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TapOut returns ashes, denies selling them

I think this is going to be my last post on the lawsuit surrounding Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis’s remains. Because the story seems so outlandish and wacky, it’s easy to forget this is a person we’re talking about here, a guy tons of people in the scene saw regularly and knew well. Since I am incapable of writing anything without it being callous and dickish (see Ryan Gracie post), I try to stay away from subjects like Evan Tanner, Mask, and when he inevitably dies a tragic death, Sean McCorkle. I will try my best to be slightly tasteful in my handling of this story.

With that being said, LOOK AT THE FUCKING ROOM THEY WERE KEEPING HIS ASHES IN. That looks like the kind of shit reserved for Superman or Lady Gaga. It almost seems a crime that Mask’s sister is forcing a relocation to what I can only assume will be a much, much, much shabbier location.

Sources close to the situation tell Fighters Only that Lewis did indeed have a fractious relationship with his sister and that Caldwell and Katz did have some ashes placed in vials for themselves, though there was no mass distribution as Lewis’ sister claims and the vials were for personal use and not for sale.

US gossip site TMZ contacted the attorney representing Caldwell and Katz and were told that the pair admitted a “small amount” of Lewis’ ashes had been placed in vials. According to the attorney the pair feel “there is nothing wrong with dividing up a loved one’s ashes.”

The two have agreed to return the ashes to Lewis’ sister. Whether she will now proceed with an attempt to claim financial compensation remains to be seen.

So all in all this was some pretty sensationalist bullshit – no ashes were sold and from what we know of the sister is there any doubt where the urn should be kept? With Mask’s children or inside that Fortress of Solitude, obviously. Does Mask seem like the kind of person who wouldn’t want some of his closest friends having some of his ashes? No? So let’s get rid of this ‘stealing and selling’ language.

I imagine it must be pretty awful for the TapOut guys to be accused of making a sketchy buck off their best friend’s remains. The sister might have some kind of case because she was sneaky enough to sign for the ashes, but this lawsuit sounds pretty bullshit to me.