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Tank Abbott has bad taste in shoes

Yeah, I know this is up there on a Vagina-Meter along with my post on Dana White’s eyebrows, but what the fuck. You’re Tank Abbott. You were once the baddest dude in the UFC, and now you’re wearing buckled loafers like a goddamn pilgrim at Thanksgiving dinner or some shit. Then again, considering the number of times Tank Abbott has been knocked out I’m surprised he’s not wearing a diaper and a bicycle helmet.

  • Mike O says:

    i’m no bitch about shoes, people can wear whatever they want, but when it comes to wearing some ugly dress shoes with no socks with shorts and a t-shirt, that is indeed some WTF shit right there.

    possible explanations:
    very drunk when he left the house, grabbed first shoes he saw
    very drunk last night, puked all over his running shoes, forced to borrow a pair of dress shoes
    very drunk and lost one of his sandles, beat up some prick in a suit and took his shoes.

  • possible explanation:
    he stopped by an amish village and stole a quaker’s shoes

  • intenso says:

    he fucked your mother last night and put on your fathers shoes by mistake this morning.

  • Archivist says:

    The diaper and helmet reference had me cracking up for a few minutes. Thank you for that.

  • Robert Wood says: