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A tale of two fists

We’ve all heard over and over again about Shane Carwin’s punching power but here’s one more story leading up to UFC 116 this weekend:

Recently, the trainer bought top-of-the-line, $475 punch mitts from the Japanese equipment company, Winning. The mitts are used by many top boxers, including Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Wittman didn’t have them for a week before Carwin blew one out with a punch.

“I tried to return them and they wouldn’t take them back,” Wittman said. “They’re like, ‘All the best boxers use these. No one can punch these out.’ Kazumichi [Hayashi, Winning’s USA representative] thought I was crazy. He’s like, ‘These don’t break!’ But that’s Shane, his power is incredible.”

Compare that to Brock Lesnar, who has those crazy long monkey arms that might not contain one punch knockout power but can still do some serious damage on the feet. On the ground … well, he often turns into an overeager virgin throwing sloppy short hammerstrikes, but when you’ve got that much size and strength behind you, it’s hard to screw up hurting people too much.