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UFC ‘re-enactment’ goes wrong

It’s all fun and games until shit gets crazy.

*UPDATE* Here’s more details:

“It was horrifying for everybody,” said Lenore Paulson, assistant general manager at Best Western. “It’s been a quiet, sad and somber day around here.”

Witnesses saw the incident from below and one gentleman was checking into the hotel at the time, Paulson said.

Jones and other family members were drinking in the hotel room rented by Jones’ cousin, police said.

“There was definitely alcohol involved in the room,” Paulson said.

The group was watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship and horseplay began, police said.

The window broke when Jones was pushed into it during a fighting move and he fell to the sidewalk, police said. It probably was a considerable amount of force because those windows are thick, Paulson said. The windows are one-quarter-inch thick and shatterproof. The windows don’t open and are pure glass, Paulson said.