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Take a stroll down ‘WHAT THE FUCK’ lane

While the rest of us are watching the American football playoffs (I love that the Limeys and other furriners that frequent this place make me specify that I don’t mean soccer), you Commies ought to do yourselves a favor and check out Tapology’s collection of the top 50 upsets of last year (determined by betting lines).  Or you could make your father proud and watch Dallas-Philadelphia later.  I mean, he did buy you all of that food over the years.  You kind of owe him.  But your call.  Oh, and special clap for Brock Larson, who somehow managed to take two of the top five spots on the list.  Less special clap for Kid Yamamoto, who shows up twice in the top ten.

What MMA upset fucked with your head the most in the last year?