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Take a chill pill, Mike

From reading Bloody Elbow’s Mike Fagan’s new site, you would think that Mike Goldberg had raped his mother with a rusty tire iron. I’ve never been the biggest Goldie fan, but in all sports there is always the shill, the company man who tows the corporate line. Is it wrong for him to tell me that I need to go see Crank 2 even though I couldn’t give a shit and would rather everyone actually talk about the fucking fight? It’s annoying, but it is his damn job, after all.

To me it seems a bit petty to write about everything stupid or fucked up the man says. It would be like someone chronicling my ineptitude. Maybe that’s why I’m siding with Goldberg on this issue. After all, I am the Goldie of Fightlinker. It could also be the fact that if he wasn’t shoving Xyience or Harley Davidson in our faces, some other smarmy fuck would, and I’ve always preferred the devil I know to the devil I don’t.