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Sylvia/Mercer confirmed; more signs of apocalypse likely to follow

Just another excuse to post this lovely photograph.

Remember when rumors were swirling around that Tim Sylvia — you know, the former UFC heavyweight champion — was going to be fighting Medicare recipient Ray Mercer? Yeah, that’s going to actually be happening. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. It’s like Ridley Scott directing a big screen version of Monopoly, Amy Winehouse buying a cotton candy machine to make cocaine candy, or women’s suffrage: ideas so wonderfully bad that it’s hard to believe they’re actually real.

Taking this fight is going to do for Tim Sylvia’s career what driving drunk and spouting anti-Jew comments to a cop did for Mel Gibson’s. After some time has passed people might forget about it, but there’s still absolutely nothing good that can come out of it. Sure, there must have been a small group of anti-semites that liked Gibson even more after his little incident, and there probably exists a collection of individuals who carry with them utter disdain for the elderly and will therefore approve of Sylvia’s decision. But overall, the public generally looked down on Gibson for his “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world” comment (especially people with names like Steinberg or Finkelstein) and, in retrospect, the Braveheart star likely regrets his decisions that night. Similarly, nothing good will come out of Big Tim’s fight with Mercer and, in retrospect, he will regret taking the fight.

The best part of it all is that this bout will be contested under boxing rules, as opposed to MMA rules. This gives Mercer an exponentially greater chance of actually winning the fight. He might get a discount on haircuts and movie tickets, but the man still holds a 36-7 boxing record with 26 knockouts. And it’s not like he hasn’t fought in a while: Mercer’s last fight was a September 2008 victory against some guy who had a 30-2 record coming into the bout. That means the old timer can still box. Kimbo will tell you that Mercer’s MMA skillZ leave something to be desired, but when it comes to the sweet science he still knows what’s up.

If Sylvia wins, he beat up an aging boxer. Big deal. If he loses — which is now actually possible since it will be a boxing match — it will be a massive embarrassment. As in more embarrassing than &feature=related”>losing in 36 seconds on pay-per-view. After dropping three out of his past four fights, one would think his management would stick him in a fight that actually had an up-side to it. The only thing I could think of that could have less of an up-side than this would be Sylvia fighting Krazy Horse under “gun-on-a-pole” rules. Seriously, Tim Sylvia holds wins over Andrei Arlovski, Ben Rothwell, Jeff Monson, and Ricco Rodriguez — back when that meant something. He might not be the most popular fighter in the world, but I think the big schlub deserves something more relevant than this nonsense.