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Sylvia vs Vera is on

BREAKING NEWS: Tim Sylvia vs Brandon Vera is at UFC 77! Okay, so maybe I’m the last person to announce this, and in the end who really cares? You already know my thoughts on Brandon Vera … while he may prove to be the next big thing, I’d rather wait and see how he does than suck his gong prematurely. This mouth is reserved for champions, bitch. No belt, no blow.

Anyways, fighting Sylvia will definately show us what Vera’s really made of. There’s no guarantee which Sylvia will show at UFC77 … pre-2004 Tim who won twelve of his sixteen bouts by knockout, or 2006 onwards Tim who’s four out of five fights ended by decision. Since I generally believe Einstein’s theory of relativity and that time travel is impossible, it’ll most likely be 2006 onwards Tim. But I can still cross my fingers and hope a lightning bolt from the sky will deliver a phone booth containing not only Bill and Ted, but a young and angry Tim Sylvia ready to smash some face in. Regardless, Vera’s up for a test and I’m looking forward to see how he grades.

  • ajadoniz says:

    i want to see him get smashed by sylvia just so that he doesn’t seem as cocky about beating a Mir Muffin.

  • Eric Mortonsen says:

    That wont happen, this is the end of the road for Sylvia.. He’ll be the next Elvis Sinosic or Chris Leben of his own division until Dana sets up a super-HW for him… I hate ol Timmy cause he is much more cocky than Brandon…

  • Jonathan says:

    I hope that Tim Sylvia gets decimated in this fight.