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Sylvia vs Mercer gets even dumber

The lols keep coming regarding the Tim Sylvia / Ray Mercer fight. After initial plans to hold things as a boxing match in a cage (what?) were shot down with prejudice by the New Jersey Athletic Commission, promoter Monte Cox moved the whole thing down to unsanctioned Alabama. But even that wasn’t enough to slip this retarded fight from happening. In an attempt to bypass a law saying that all US boxing bouts must be overseen by a legit commission, Cox tried to bring in a Canadian reservation commission to oversee the fight. As you might imagine, that didn’t quite cut it:

Association of Boxing Commissions President Tim Lueckenhoff told that neither he nor the ABC organization had been approached directly to regulate the bout. Further, Lueckenhoff said he’d thought Sylvia-Mercer would be an MMA contest and not a boxing bout. Lueckenhoff said federal law currently has no jurisdiction over MMA bouts, but laws are in place over boxing under the Professional Boxing Safety Act.

In a press release issued by the ABC on Thursday, the organization denounced the “unwarranted and illegal” boxing match. The release also noted that the River Cree commission, as well as referee John McCarthy, had withdrawn their involvement from the bout and event.

“Canadian boxing commissions are not authorized to supervise boxing matches in the U.S.; and, patently, it is wholly inappropriate for one representative from a Canadian boxing commission, together with an MMA referee, to supervise a boxing match,” said Bruce C. Spizler, chairman of the ABC legal committee in the release.

But don’t worry! Because MMA is still in it’s wild west stages, the fight can go ahead this Saturday under unified rules. No word on if both fighters are going to make a gentleman’s agreement to stand and trade or not. That sounds like the best idea to me. What could possibly go wrong?