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Sylvia-Mercer moved to Alabama

When New Jersey’s athletic commission refused to sanction a boxing match between former boxing champion Ray Mercer and complete boxing noob Tim Sylvia, I figured cooler heads would prevail and the fight would be called off. But now Monte Cox has gone through with his plan to move the bout somewhere where fight and incest regulations are a bit more lax:

Speaking with, promoter Monte Cox announced the six-round heavyweight fight would be rescheduled for June 13 in Alabama as the main event of Adrenaline III. The hybrid boxing-mixed martial arts event will be held at the 17,000-seat BJCC arena in Birmingham.

Cox confirmed that Alabama does not have a regulatory body to oversee the fight.

It should be interesting to see how Monte fares down south, considering his last big card only pulled around 2000 people in. Sylvia vs Mercer reeks of a certain amount of financial desperation, and I wonder if that’s not what’s behind the whole thing.